The Sabbath Day and The Passover or The Lord’s Day (Sunday) and The Lord’s Supper?

Passover Seder


One of my Brothers in Christ was wondering whether or not Christians should partake in the Passover and worship on the Sabbath Day instead of on Sunday. He showed me a certain individual on Instagram teaching people that Christians need to, and that we neither observe the Lord’s Day as Sunday nor partake in what is called


Lord’s Supper

“communion”, but partake in the Passover feast once a year. He stated that such a feast and the sabbatical days are not for the Jews, but for Christians since we read about Christ partaking in the Passover and attending the synagogues on the Sabbath days with His disciples. The individual further contended that the words “the Lord’s Supper,” “communion” and seeing the worshiping on Sundays are not found in the Word of God.

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